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5 Things That Drive Away Customers.

5 Things That Drive Away Customers.
  • May 18 2017

1. Making customers wait
Customer impatience isn’t necessarily about how long they have to wait, but the lack of information on how long the wait will be, or a wait time that is longer than promised. Be forthright with customers regarding delivery timeframe and always keep them informed so they know exactly what to expect.

2. Delivering only what you promise
Keeping your promise is just the bare minimum. Murphy contends, “… you need to wow them every time by offering [and delivering] them even more than they think is fair.”

3. Being hard to contact
Can many of your customers’ questions and needs be met online or by calling the home office? Sure. But if they want to talk to you, nothing else will satisfy them. Don’t make customers work to get in touch with you.

4. Selling to them constantly
One of the great challenges of effective selling is walking that fine line between “pursuing every opportunity” and operating in a constant, full-on sales mode that customers find both exhausting and obnoxious. One way to avoid sales fatigue is to consistently bring valuable information and insights to customers, ensuring a balance to your sales agenda.

5. Being secretive and opaque
When left in the dark, customers tend to assume the worst. Be as transparent with customers as possible. It’s a critical element in building trust.

These behaviors are alienating to customers because they don’t serve the needs of the customer – only the sales professional. Even if customers don’t completely walk away as a result of these actions, they will never develop the trust and rapport necessary for you to achieve Preferred Position.