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7 Keys to a Happy Marriage.

7 Keys to a Happy Marriage.
  • May 17 2017

I love being married, although l haven’t been married for a very long time I want to share with you 7 keys to a happy marriage. Everyday of marriage for me has been a breath of heaven on earth. I do not have a perfect marriage but I hope this will inspire someone’s marriage to grow and help those who are preparing for marriage. There are MANY things to share to help marriage grow but i am only going to share a few keys from my own personal experience.

1. Let God be the head of your relationship and the head of your home.

  • Place moral and spiritual values for yourselves and your relationship and your home. Make God the centre of your lives. God promises to be with you every step of the way. Pull each other up when you see the other person slipping. Together you are stronger and the more you both grow the closer you will get to God.

2. Give love first place ALWAYS.

  • Love is an enduring principle. It is not a feeling that comes and goes depending on your mood or depending on how your spouse has treated you today. Choose to practice kindness and forgiveness to one another and remember to be sensitive to what is important to one another. If you cannot forgive DO NOT get married!

3. Share family responsibilities.

  • Share house chores. There is no chore that is beneath anyone to do…We all use the toilet so why not clean it every so often and give him/her a break. If your spouse’ love language is acts of service be sure to show them you know by doing. There is a book l read by Gary Chapman about the five love languages, you can read the book summary here. (The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman)

4. Spend time together.

  • Don’t just love with words love and with actions. Crave the presence of one another. Do this with not FOR one another.

5. Handle conflict with care and sensitivity.

  •  There will be conflict. Every marriage will have conflicts – from the greatest man to the least there will be conflict…no one is exempt. When Adam and Eve sinned there no longer became flesh of my flesh bone of my bone like he first said….He said the ‘woman you gave me’…. focus on the problem not personality. Handle the problem at hand not the person’s personality.

6.Maintain open communication always.

  • Learn to listen to each other. Learn to communicate with words AND actions sometimes actions speaker a lot louder than words.

7. Allow nothing to come between you.

  • Absolutely NOTHING! Stay close to each other that even the wind can not blow between you. Do not allow anything to divide you. Preserve your family privacy AT ALL TIMES. The sacred family circle.