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16 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Presentation Skills from 16 Powerful TED Talks. By By Jeff Haden

Want to deliver better presentations? Learning by example -- especially from outstanding TED Talks -- can sometimes be the best way to learn.

You may not be delivering a TED Talk, but still. You want to captivate your audience. You need to captivate your audience. (Here's looking at you, Colonel Jessup.)

But you're worried that you don't have the skills.

That's okay. There are a number of ways to instantly improve your speaking skills. It's all about preparation and practice--and using some of the following tips.

Managing Student Complaints. By Rob Kelly.

Knowing how to handle student complaints is an essential skill for department chairs. In an interview with Academic Leader, Patricia Markunas, chair of the psychology department at Salem State University, offered advice on minimizing the number of complaints and managing those that do make it to the department chair.

Markunas groups complaints into two categories: grades and behavior. When not addressed properly, complaints in either category can be a source of unpleasantness, particularly when the student goes up the chain of command looking for resolution.

Teaching Concerns of New (and Not So New?) Teachers. By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD

The list of concerns was compiled from a qualitative analysis of 10 years of graduate teaching assistants’ online discussion posts. The 120 students wrote the posts in a three-credit course that prepared them to teach beginning communication courses. It’s a list that raises some interesting questions. Are the concerns legitimate? They are listed in order of importance. Does that order change as teaching experience accrues? Should it change? Which of these are ongoing concerns, and perhaps, most importantly, how do we deal with the issues raised by the concerns?

Nine Ways to Improve Class Discussions. By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD

once heard class discussions described as “transient instructional events.” They pass through the class, the course, and the educational experiences of students with few lingering effects. Ideas are batted around, often with forced participation; students don’t take notes; and then the discussion ends—it runs out of steam or the class runs out of time. If asked a few days later about the exchange, most students would be hard-pressed to remember anything beyond what they themselves might have said, if that.

15 Recommendations for Designing and Delivering Effective Conference Presentations. By Catherine Stover

As a college faculty member, you speak to audiences both large and small on a daily basis. You know how to deliver information, create learning opportunities, and build engagement. And yet, presenting at a professional conference brings a whole new set of challenges. How do you establish credibility and authority among your peers? How do you make your session relevant for those who, unlike your students, have at least some familiarity with the topic?

Classroom Management Tips for Regaining Control of the Classroom. By Rick Sheridan

Losing control of the classroom can be one of the most frustrating and intimidating experiences for both new and experienced teachers. Losing control can happen in several different ways. The most common would be where the class is distracted. This could be from a situation outside the classroom such as noisy conversation in the hall, or from an event elsewhere that students find out about, such as a rumor of the football coach getting fired.

Practical Tips for Minimizing Cheating During Exams. By Diane G. Symbaluk, PhD

There is nothing more disheartening and stressful than having to formally accuse a student of cheating on an exam. Was the student looking at his neighbor’s exam or just glancing away from his test for a mental break? Did the student ask someone how to fill out the name portion of the instruction page, or did she obtain an answer to a test question? Did the two students with identical written answers prepare study notes together or cheat off one another while someone was asking the professor a question during the exam?